Nestled in the heart of Somerset West, lies a secret oasis to the wandering wine lover. Opened early in 2017, Proof Wine Bar is South Africa’s first crowd-funded wine bar, specialising in local wine treasures.
The connoisseurs at Proof commissioned me to do a custom artwork for the wine bar – something that will give energy and vitality to the space, while still capturing the sophisticated essence of Proof. On my first visit, I was amazed by the refined simplicity of the architecture and how stylish, but subtle colours and patterns were woven together to create a unique setting. I wanted to create something that supports the brilliance of the interiors, while also being a strong piece by itself. The result was a cool and colourful geometric cluster of cubes, placed on the dark charcoal wall behind the bar.
It is such an honour to be a part of this Proof adventure. Art and wine are both sacred gifts from the heavens and it's through creative innovations like these that people get to taste droplets of divine sublimity. To many more art, wine and interior collaborations to come.
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