The Artesian Spring
I had the privilege to work with the poet Lindi Nolte, who is based in Vancouver, on a collection of poems. This collection exemplifies the magic of creative collaboration in the twenty-first century, between a poet and an artist, and between two friends who have never met in person before. Thanks to social media, Lindi and I could connect and had the opportunity to collaborate – to share ideas, sketches and poetic intuitions – even though we were separated by thousands of kilometres stretching across the South and North Atlantic Oceans.
The process for this specific collection was simple: I sent Lindi a few drawings, doodles and sketches, and then she wrote poems that were inspired by those sketches. Here we present the first collection of the combined sketches and words titled The Artesian Spring, referring to the conversation between a prophet and a Samaritan women at Jacob's well (as told in The Gospel according to John, Chapter 4) and the eternal, ever-present current from which all creativity flows.​​​​​​​
Lindi Nolte
A Love Poem to Our Earth | Lindi Nolte | TEDxBearCreekPark