Unravelling Exploration
– Illustration Series –
This series of illustrations were done in collaboration with my dear friend Francois Malherbe, the incredible explorer and adventurer, who is the Chief Curiosity Officer at Unravelling Exploration (www.unravelling.co.za). These illustrations formed part of a social media campaign Francois ran for Fjällräven South Africa (www.instagram.com/arcticfoxafrica) in 2020.
Not all those who wander are lost | A2 | 420 x 594 mm | Digital print
Misty Meadows | A2 | 420 x 594 mm | Digital print
Photos by Francois Malherbe © that inspired these illustrations.
Please visit www.unravelling.co.za to learn more about Francois and the incredible work he is doing to reawaken a sense of curiosity, wonder and adventure in the hearts of numerous young and experienced explorers.
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